What We Do

What We Do:

Air Quality Impact Assessment

Todoroski Air Sciences have conducted environmental air quality assessments for small and large projects for industrial, commercial and residential developments from concept through to the planning stage and operation.

Odour Assessment

TAS provides assessments for a broad range of sectors including broiler farms, abattoir waste irrigation, sewage treatment plants, composting facilities, mushroom farms and resource recovery operations.

Dispersion Modelling

TAS staff are proficient in all key dispersion models accepted by regulatory authorities in Australia and internationally.

Forecasting Systems

TAS implemented predictive dust, blast fume blast, dust and is implementing advanced noise systems at locations in the Hunter Valley NSW.

Air Quality Monitoring

TAS installs professional quality automatic weather stations that meet EPA regulatory requirements and have the ability to operate unattended for approximately one year.

Expert Witness

Todoroski Air Sciences Director, Aleks Todoroski, has represented numerous clients including the extractive industries, NSW EPA, NSW Planning and Environment.

Noise Assessment

TAS understand the noise generating processes and can provide expert advice and solutions.

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